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There are three essential key areas when using the method to manufacture prosthetic parts with CAD/CAM technology:
1. CAD – Computer Aided Design –
2. CAM – Computer Aided Manudacturing - Program de strategie pentru frezare cu masini CNC
3. Milling Machine –


The CAD / CAM technology has advanced with giant steps over the last five years. Dr.Fischer Dental Lab from the beginning, since 2006, focused on performance, quality and individuality. To provide the highest quality products, Dr. Fischer Dental Lab works with the best existing scanners currently on the international dental market, 3 Shape. Based on annual paid licenses, ensure intake of the latest technology. Dr.Fischer Dental Lab has 3 ultra high performance scanners. Below you can watch the steps for CAD manufacturing:

Working Model
Model Builder™ lets technicians design lab models for many indications, including implant models, directly from TRIOS® digital impression scans, 3rd party intraoral scans, and physical impression scans.

Anatomical Crown
Full digital crown production has grown explosively, driven by the success of full Zirconia, CAD Blocks, and an increasing demand for cost-efficient restorations. Dental System meets these trends with professional CAD tools such as the unique Smile Composer, automated crown design, and an extensive range of anatomy librari.
Achieve high esthetics with Smile Composer in no time, create highly esthetic full anatomy bridges by designing full smiles in one go, morph a whole set of teeth as a single unit, and move Upper and Lower designs simultaneously.

Cape and support structures for ceramic
Thanks to a number of automated positioning and modeling features, it takes less than 2 minutes from order creation to completed design of a single coping ready for manufacturing. This enables a large lab to create 100 units per day by a single technician.

Virtual articulator
Digital articulators allow technicians to design better crowns and save time on manual post-processing. Furthermore, they are necessary tools for labs that wish to create model free crowns and stay competitive through the latest industry trends.

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