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We are recognized for professionalism, punctuality and quality. We guarantee the quality of our work and always strive to be at the forefront of technological advances in our field. Our services are the best services in Europe. Entrust us your next job and you will become our permanent customer. We are sure of that. Think of us as a true partner, always with you.



Our professional activity in the field of prosthodontics is based on an experience of over 30 years. Our mission is represented by solving and professional achievement of a variety of prosthetic both by classical methods, and through modern methods, this ensuring the trust and respect of clients and collaborators. Dr. Fischer Dental Lab is using modern technology and materials of the highest quality in production, thus prosthetic at all levels of difficulty. Each prosthetic performed in our laboratory is made by an individual protocol. To ensure premium quality conditions expected by patients, we carefully controll the entire flux of production during the intermediate working phase and end execution. Also, at the end of the paper, depending on the type and complexity, it features a warranty period and the patient is monitored for technical quality and safety of its use. All our work is carried out through a software developed on our own with which we provide an effective Quality Management.



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Where you find us

Lacul Tei Boulevard nr. 1 bis, 3rd floor, Bucharest, sector 2

Tel:  021 316 11 44

Fax: 021 316 11 48

Mobile: 0724 570 108 / 0744 666 695